Upcoming Events

Cache Valley Cowboy Church Service
Saturday 6:30 to 9 pm
48 West 100 South
Preston ID

Bring a dessert to share.

Wasatch Cowboy Church Service
Saturday 6 pm
The Dance Image Studio 
5489 S 5900 W
Hooper UT  84315

Potluck supper each week. (Bring what sounds good to you, if you didn't make it last week to hear what the menu is.)   Dinner starts at 6 pm. Don't forget to bring a friend!  Guests are ALWAYS welcome.

Hey there:

Have ya been lost for a long time ol' friend?
Wandering down that lonely trail,
Can't see the end?

There’s a place just ahead
Where you'll find some friends.
It isn't far down the trail, just 'round the bend.

Look ahead to Jesus with faith,
you will find solace for your heartache
and peace for your mind.