An important part of accepting Christ as our Savior and beginning a new life with Him is to choose to be baptised as an outward expression of our inner faith in Jesus. These are pictures of some of our folks who have made that important decision.

Abby and Denise in the waters of Baptism

Pastor Larry prepares to baptise Abby, as her father, Mark looks on.

Fresh from the waters of baptism: Abby

Denise helps Abby with her towel

In real old west style we like to baptise in the river just like John the Baptist when we can! These photos are of some of the baptismal services held this past summer beside the Weber river as it flows through Ft. Buenaventura Park, Ogden, Ut.

  Baptism of John by Pastor Larry

Denise prepared to be baptised by Pastor Larry watched by her father, Bill

   Mark and Rebecca and Pastor Larry

    Pastor Larry Baptising Mary

    Sylvia enters the baptism waters helped by Pastor Larry.  Lily and Aiden look on.