Wasatch Cowboy Church Mission

Cache Valley Cowboy Church Mission

Howdy Pardner!


   You all need to know right from the start that Cowboy Church is all about being neighborly. We treat others just the way we like to be treated. Think of it this way, if you were to hit a rough patch along your life’s trail, wouldn’t you want God to send someone to ride alongside? Well, that’s a big part of our Cowboy Church community. Throw in plenty of singing the old time hymns and good old common sense preaching – you know, right from the Bible and you have this thing figured out. 

    Our Cowboy Church gatherings never want to compete with anybody’s Sunday worship. So we would love to have you join us, wherever and however you may worship the Good Lord at other times.  

    Sure hope you can come and bring along a friend! Oh and don’t forget to be asking God to bless this Cowboy Church outreach. We would be mighty grateful for your prayers. Wasatch Cowboy Church meets Saturday 6 pm-The Dance Image Studio-5489 S 5900 W Hooper, UT  84315.  Bring along something to share for the meal.  

   If you have any other questions about us feel free to give me a call at 801-458-3254. 

 Your old pardner, Larry



                                        Wasatch Cowboy Church - Good Folks-Good Food-Good Music