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Cowboy Church Definition

A local Christian church within the cowboy culture that is distinctively Western heritage in character.  Technically speaking, Cowboy churches started on the American Frontier.  A preacher would show up in town or on a range with a Bible in their saddlebag and hold a church service for the people there.


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Special Events

March 17, 2020

Brothers and sisters, it saddens my heart to have to relay this message to you.  President Trump has recommended that gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited, nationwide.  That means we will not be holding bible studies on Thursday nights and Sunday church services are suspended until further notice. 

The workday scheduled for Saturday, March 21st at our new building is cancelled.  I will inform you if the April 4th workday at Paradise is cancelled.  It is unknown at this time if the annual campout is cancelled or not.

If anyone needs prayer or comfort, please contact in this order;

Pastor Larry = 801-458-3254

Elder Jerry = 801-695-2829

Elder Shawn = 801-917-4456

Also if you need prayer requests placed on our Facebook page contact Jerry text or phone at the above number.

Please, be in prayer for this sad time to be over, and a quick cure found for this virus.

Love you all,

God bless.

March 18, 2020

Brothers and sisters, during these uncertain times, while the Wasatch Cowboy Church services are suspended indefinitely, we wish to make you aware that our prayers are with you all.  We wish also to provide you a way to continue your generous donations.  Pastor Larry and the Elders thought and prayed about this, this morning.  We decided the safest way to donate would be to use the US mail.  Elder Jerry Ackroyd volunteered to accept these mail-ins at his address, 381 S 450 W, Layton, UT 84041.  He will deliver the unopened donations weekly to Pastor Larry’s house where it can be counted, recorded and deposited by our funds' manager, Marion.  Because of the possibility of a conflict of interest Pastor Larry, understandably declined to use his address. 

Pastor Larry

Church leadership

 March 29, 2020

Brothers and sisters, our church, meaning you and me and all the members of Wasatch Cowboy Church need to be reassured that the worship of God will continue.  We are looking at a few ways to be able to live stream our sermons, or have small worship groups at people’s homes or prerecording the sermon and posting it on our web site and Facebook.  Hopefully, we will come up with something sooner than later.

     Please be reassured that the church leadership is aware of the inconvenience the coronavirus has placed on everyone and is actively working on a solution.  The Wasatch Cowboy Church is still alive and well and praying for a quick resolution to this virus.  We must keep our faith strong and be wary of attacks that may come from anywhere.  In this age of electronics and social media, it is easy to present yourself as a prophet or other teacher.  The Bible warns repeatedly of this. 

     Let us say once again that we love you and miss you and need desperately to be able to return to the normalcy of face to face fellowship with all of you.

God bless you all

Pastor Larry

Church Leadership

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April 2, 2020

Disassociation of Bible study:

     Brothers and sisters, we have had a couple of members leave Wasatch Cowboy Church of their own volition, and are now attempting to conduct an independent Bible Study.  We do not underwrite this effort in any way.   

     We will be conducting our own Wasatch Cowboy Church virtual Bible study.  We will keep you informed as we get closer to that goal.

     We will be conducting a virtual church service each Sunday at 10:00 am, starting this Sunday, April 5th. We pray you will join us.  We will provide you a link on our Wasatch Cowboy Church website and Facebook page to each service we post on YouTube.

God bless,

Pastor Larry

Church leadership